Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy birthday Nic !

Another 3 noobs lolz.. ( Andrew, Ruey, Chee Bing )

Like having buffet !

Wa magic show !

3 noobs lolz :) ( ruey, chee bing, yi herng )

Union on fire !

chee bing~Jimmie

Fuji- Japanese steakhouse !

First, I want to thank people who brought me into party, surprises, dinner, wishes and get me drunk like an idiot and threw out everything... On top was the place that i went for my dinner for my birthday, it was really really a wonderful place to eat. Was happy to get so many wishes and a surprise for me( Andrew it was yours too ^.^ ). And the people were happy watching me drunk ! hahaha..

Anyway, it has been long that I did not touch this blog because I got really busy with uni stuff and no time sitting in front of the computer typing all these. Today, is my birthday and through this, I really want to say thank you people really, really really, really much and really appreciated.

And yea I think I haven't really make my own wish....
he will gonna make this wish over and over again, he will pray his best, do his best, whatever he has, whatever he can, ability he has, to,
share & be a part of...
If you, needed.

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