Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Monica

Nice building(it's called Santa Monica Civic Center i guess?)

Merry Christmas ! ! !

Bubba gump~~ Curve has one, try it out !

emo? lolz

Santa Monica Pier !

Random building, look nice though

Love their perfume !

dinosaur fountain~~

Waaa, definitely not my car !

hmmm firstly, please don't curse me for uploading to many ocean scene photo :(, they are just so so so the beautiful, love that ! Today, went to a place called "Santa Monica" it's a coastal city located at West Los Angeles, pretty nice place to go relax and lay yourself on the beach. . .

Kicked off from LA, driving all the way to Santa Monica about 40mins to 1 hour drive(of course not i driving lar). Then, visited the 3rd street Promenade. The 3rd street has some little little middle-high-end brand like AX, Zara, ambercrombie and stuff like that.. And damn, didn't get any stuff from my AX store, sob kinda poor d thanksgiving spent too much..

oooooooooo Talking bout Victoria Secret, the perfume is so so the nice, if my gf would to use it, I think i'm so gonna smell her everyday ! lolzzzzzzz

grrrrrrrrrrr omgggg, Beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
(Who would volunteer to be my gf and come this place again? hehehe)

Sweet brother ! (very fierce sometimes.. In fact, most of the time =.= )

M e e e . . . btw, mustache me hehe :)

again, beautiful...

Well then, followed by Santa Monica Bay, beautiful beach.. really wonder if heaven feels like this haha. and wondering when and who would vonlunteer to be my gf(part-time applicable, lol) to go this place again !!! woot.. People go ahead, bring you beloved and have some sunset moments... perrrrrrrrrfect !!!

hair getting really long !!! mustache also growing, shall I try keep some mustache? hehe :)
uhhhh huh kinda tired day, but was, wonderful. . .

Lastly, hmmm is a pig !!! not engzhan ya :P

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

LA day one...

Hello people !! Finally first semester in US has come to an end. Now gonna experience my very first Christmas and New Year in the States. Today is 22th of december, 3 more days to christmas, but malaysia friends, you guys have another 2 more days woot so fast sia, 2008 is leaving.

I'm now in LA living with my sister and brother, Iowa is a very really really cold place, compared to LA, here is only like 13C while Iowa is about -30. knn so big different =.=
Well, one thing makes Iowa nice, the snow. Iowa has really beautiful snow, take a look from the
top !

~Snowy Iowa, beautiful~

Feel the nature !(always like flying :P)

Seems nothing, arg arg, heaven awaiting..

Woot, before I end, the place i'm leaving now has a real big plasma.. gotta introduce a bit bit, have a look on da tv~~

Woot woot !!!
I can online with this ! I'm so gonna watch drama series on this TV !!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

gg gg ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Losing concentrate these daysssssssssss... knn !!!! CONCENTRATE ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nic !!!! knnccb !!! Stay strong ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh nic !!! rationalllllllllllllllllllllll nic !!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy birthday Nic !

Another 3 noobs lolz.. ( Andrew, Ruey, Chee Bing )

Like having buffet !

Wa magic show !

3 noobs lolz :) ( ruey, chee bing, yi herng )

Union on fire !

chee bing~Jimmie

Fuji- Japanese steakhouse !

First, I want to thank people who brought me into party, surprises, dinner, wishes and get me drunk like an idiot and threw out everything... On top was the place that i went for my dinner for my birthday, it was really really a wonderful place to eat. Was happy to get so many wishes and a surprise for me( Andrew it was yours too ^.^ ). And the people were happy watching me drunk ! hahaha..

Anyway, it has been long that I did not touch this blog because I got really busy with uni stuff and no time sitting in front of the computer typing all these. Today, is my birthday and through this, I really want to say thank you people really, really really, really much and really appreciated.

And yea I think I haven't really make my own wish....
he will gonna make this wish over and over again, he will pray his best, do his best, whatever he has, whatever he can, ability he has, to,
share & be a part of...
If you, needed.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bye bye everyone :((((((((((

Leaving tonight ! bye bye everyone and everything ! Bye Bye~ feel like listening to mariah carey woot lolz. :(

My final night in malaysia !!! :(((

Time passes fast, as so days do. Today will be my final night in my little bedroom that I've been sleeping for 5 to 6 years :(. And tomorrow will be leaving to the States for further studies. Lately been going out with many friends, taking on their lovely faces before I leave hiak hiak :).

With the old folks, went to luna bar for my farewell. Luna bar luna bar, that's the place that I really really wanted so so much to go with a person last year. But FAILED :( ! Ended up going with these people shown below.

5 Damai !!!

Yea, these are the people, the brothers. We study together since high school, we to library and study for our SPM everyday ! But mainly chatting than studying lolz.
We copy answers from each other during exams !
We ponteng together in high school, always yam cha DURING assembly but not before nor after assembly lolz !
We play computer games together, Gunbound, RYL, and also dota. Hanging up till 6am after SPM just sitting in front of computer and playing computer games !
We had also fit all 7 of us into a small little Kancil !

From left:
Wai Seng- A real good guy, fetch me home always :), find me for movie sometimes. Hey,next timemust fetch a gf home ya not me anymore k! When I'm back must see you with a girl !

Tee Yew- Ahhhh when you need english assist, find him ! He was a form 1 pai kia ! Gangsta big bully ! :) Foos addict =.=, control bit and get a life dude !

Ham - uhhh, the tini-est. Msn best friend :), a person that always online like me. The most words that I can find on my msn messages history. All the best to you and Esta ! :).

Adrian- Nyeok ! The on always ajak me ponteng during assembly. The one who has lots of ego last time. Now better :). A guy that when emos can come all the way from puchong to damansara lolz. Take care dude !

Ch'ng tat- Play boy freak ! Been changing gf all the while from high school. And now got owned by yee mun, gg hahaha noob. Dude, appreciate gf k ! take care.

Khen Joon- Tallest, good looking, childish-est ! haha. Can play a little magic, joker amoung all. But hey, matured d lar :), grow grow? hahaha.

Love you people !

My Farewell Ride !!! =.=

Oh this was the people of SD, My dear basketball friends. You guys are now belongs to SD, no longer Zaba larrr :). Yea, this people teman-ed me to watch Olympic ceremony. The first performance from China is really really owesome. I fxxking love the drum performance, is just one of the best ! We had our dinner at at Chili's Bandar Utama, just nice eating with them and laugh around :). That day was very pack everyone is inside watching olympic, we got a table at the end of the shop, ya very end outside somemore swt ! And these faggots locked me up until 2.30am !!! knn =.=

basketball and club again one day k !

Uncle Alexis- Uncle ! You look pretty in long hair man hahaha, bald suits you too :) aerodynamic. Eh, be a man ! don't be a puppet hehe. Good luck on your training.

Georgieee- flirtyyyy~ flirt lesser man always flirt away all the girls that i wanted to flirt too hahaha. Next time share me some okay. But I want younger ones lar, your age 1 I not ngam me man lolz :).

Bobbiee- He loves lady a lot hahaha. Though he has a gf but still spreading his love to other ladies hahaha :). So KIND lolz. Oh ya mah jong pro ! Teach me more next time ya hehe :).

Kim Fei- CONE man wassup ! Next time do it again k? haha is just fun =]. Thank you for always fetching me around dude, for basketball, for lunch, for dinner and the monitor !!! haha

Ken- Hey boy ! This guy really when you need financial help, find him hoho. We have been into classes together even we from diff college ! cool ya:). Yo, don't so emo sometimes ya. Next time put better and sweeter msn nick name :). Take care.

Howard-- A.k.a dai ming ! Hey, so seldom join us i also dunno what to write for you wey lol paiseh paiseh. Oh ya got one, don't be Mr Akon anymore k? Join us more ! :) take care.

Cindrew- Hey girl, know you not long ya haha but thanks for coming on that day though you were late. Give me some phone when you not needed hehe rich girl~ Take care k, all the best in studies :).

Don't have latest photo lar, don't mind if I take this hehe :).

Last but not least, last one goes to people who are beautiful !!! God says that :). Friday night they called me to go CG and celebrate Emily's birthday, but then I already promised friends to have dinner on that night. Sorry ya~ But luckily wednesday did a pre-celebration for her already. So after all feel not that bad lar :). Then, saturday supposingly promised Rouh Peng to go FGA but uncle sunddenly called up for dinner on saturday, and that made me ffk-ed Rouh Peng. I was trying hard to go after the dinner but mum stopped me, she says the final night already why still don't stay home :(. That makes me feel very bad and so I feel bad again to Rouh Peng. I just want to say SORRY ! Rouh Peng sorry also for being rude ya paiseh paiseh :(.

Rouh Peng- Hey, hope I don't spell wrong your name this time haha :). Actually knew you considered quite long but only start activities together when I went to FGA. Like your smile :), always see me then laugh 1 lolz. "zhu rou peng ! "

Emily- Heyyyy girl ! the sweet one. Your papa's restaurant food really nice wey ! Next time you turn to cook for us :). Your birthday is just easy to remember, because is just terbalik from a person hehe. Hope you like the present ya ! and yea you MM !

Weic- Woot this cartoon lolz. The first time I called her and listen to her voice, omg just sound like cartoon, so cute man. Girl did you watch 甜言蜜语 ? You can just go 配音 for cartoon shows lolz. eat more bread ya, bread queen ! hehe.

Wei jing- Wow, tall tall tall !!! I thought i'm tall, how can you taller than me. Thanks for the few times inviting to Puchong and play but I got no transport paiseh lolz. Next time play again k ! And yea your hotdog can stand 1 during steamboat lolz. hahaha

David- Yo, first saw you didn't know you can play drum so well man. I thought you a person can really eat well only lolz. Hey drummer, next time teach me ya. Thank you for all the while being organizer, buying movie tickets, booking for cheong k and others i dunno d lolz. cheer~

Chi Joon- Hey, the naughtiest one lar damn ! Joker, you are the core of happiness lar haha. Sometimes when you keep quite just feel so uncomfortable lolz. Keep it up ya, got chance then dota again ya :).

This one!
Lee Juen- Hey girl, living good in Australia? this one cannot forget man the one that brought me to FGA, introduced me all these people, inviting me every activities, the one that I shall call mama lolz. haha, just take care lar :).

God bless you people ! Beautiful childrens, love you people :).

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ayaka's birthday :).

Happy birthday~~

Two little japanese =]. (Mizuki & Ayaka)

My family weeeeeeee :)

This pic supposed to have 2 birthday cakes on the table =.=

With me this time ! Gotcha~

Without me.

Yee Luuuu. She is so so the cuteeeeeeeeee

The young people !( I'm old =.= )

Itatakimas !!!

Woot my house came a japanese girl because my sister did the student exchange thigny from Leo club. Then the girl name Ayaka is the one that we hosting right now. The other one is my sister's friend's japanese exchange girl, Mizuki.

Since my sister and the friend are hosting, they decided to hang out together and so then both the japanese girls know each other just like that. Do you guys think that they are pretty lucky get to meet back their own people in foreign country huh. Although they will be staying at different region back to their country, but knowing a new friend is a fate. Even I feel lucky and happy if could meet own country people in overseas. But Iowa State alot malaysian lar hehehe.

So yay appreacite !!! Ayaka's birthday falls on the 5th of August. Then she gotta celebrate her birthday at Malaysia then :). So, we brought her to a steamboat restaurant at Kota Damansara. Not bad lar that place not to say very very good but not bad :0, prefer shabu at Puchong lolz. Neh, new generations coming up woot all the 17s and 18s years old kids there taking a group photo. I feel so old d man :(. One of the cutest ! Yee Lu~~~ The little girl right up there is so so the cute. Omg she's just so hyper, fun to play with :))). I just love babies keke.

Oh ya, actually that day there was another girl having the same birthday date as well. But diff age lar, Ayaka is 18 and the otehr girl is 17. Not much diff though haha. Hmmm according to birthday tradition ! haha cutting a cake after the dinner lo. There were 2 cakes over there, 1 chocolate and 1 coffe. Pretty tasty.

While on the way home, the japanese girl told us that she was very very happy. She didn't expected we will celebrate with her, and she was just happie !!! We too happy seeing her so happy haha. This word is just so true, "to happy is to make the people around you happy ! ". Endz :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

swt gg... =.=

Meeeeee, Mummieeeee :)

Trend, must put a V finger during photograph =.= even japanese woot.



Ah weeee last friday the first outing with the japanese girls. The first few days got no chance to go out with them because I've been driving my youngest sister go to and back from school. Lately became a driver since the japanese girls came =.= lolz. Omg they are just so polite they way they are. Talk so soft, keep saying thank you =.= they will even cover their mouth when they are laughing over something =.= swt. So so the manner.

Eh they have this cute little practice that I didn't know until today. While we entering house slippers and shoes the head will simply just facing into the house. For them, they will turn around and by then the slippers and shoes will facing outward. So so the convenient when they coming out from the house, but inconvenient going into the house lar :) lolz.

Seventh Heaven. Haagen Dazssssss !

Oh then after having lunch with japanese girls at MV, meeting up Rouh Peng and Emily for the church event at night. Two little girl said wanna eat something with me and mana tau both of them fasting for the lovely Jesus woot. So ended with the very very delicious Haagan Dazs ! Chun :). Because ice cream can be liquefied lolz.

Now then at night, Nicholas raised up his hand? Nicholas's hand was shaking =.= har har and even cried gg ! A lot of flash back memories that really hmmmm... Fall so deep, give commit, yet sometimes you get a shit.

Well, "Yesterday is history, Today is a gift". Perhaps really need a change, Cheer :). I'm ready for Uited States !!! Shall now start packing d is very close woot.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Today's trip woot.

This morning went out with mummy to do eye sight checking. Shortsighted decreased woot ! Previously was -2.25 on the left eye and not gone down to -2.00 cool ya~ Yay !!!

But a little problem with "shan guang" ( I don't know what does that called in english ). Due to the red eye problem and my eyes were very watery. It might be 1 of the reason that caused my "shan guang" to increase. Don't know how if my eyes recovered and the spec has already be done, might need adjustment o.O.
Anyway, gonna have new spec soon !!!

Just came back from 1u and watched The Mummy, wasn't that good as I expected, too fake man lolz. Jet Li was like a magician having lots of magical skills, also can turn into many different kinda of creatures. Hmm not very good to me hehehe. Story line wasn't that bad though, 秦始皇 the strongest emperor ever !!! But very cruel lar :(.

Nitez for now zzz :)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Inti Ball 2008 !!!

Supper time~

Posers lolz.

M e e e e e :)

2 pairs



Senthil and I

Man of the day lolz. ( Christ )

I & Eunice


Meng, Zhan, Marcus, Jun

Nic, Meng, Leonard, Senthil, Kenneth

2 ladies~ forgotten name =.=

Hui Yi & Me

Me Meng

Tien Xing~Nic

Hui Yi~Nic~Eunice

Prasath(Prom King!), Me, Marcus

Ready to Partyyyy~