Tuesday, December 23, 2008

LA day one...

Hello people !! Finally first semester in US has come to an end. Now gonna experience my very first Christmas and New Year in the States. Today is 22th of december, 3 more days to christmas, but malaysia friends, you guys have another 2 more days woot so fast sia, 2008 is leaving.

I'm now in LA living with my sister and brother, Iowa is a very really really cold place, compared to LA, here is only like 13C while Iowa is about -30. knn so big different =.=
Well, one thing makes Iowa nice, the snow. Iowa has really beautiful snow, take a look from the
top !

~Snowy Iowa, beautiful~

Feel the nature !(always like flying :P)

Seems nothing, arg arg, heaven awaiting..

Woot, before I end, the place i'm leaving now has a real big plasma.. gotta introduce a bit bit, have a look on da tv~~

Woot woot !!!
I can online with this ! I'm so gonna watch drama series on this TV !!!

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