Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Monica

Nice building(it's called Santa Monica Civic Center i guess?)

Merry Christmas ! ! !

Bubba gump~~ Curve has one, try it out !

emo? lolz

Santa Monica Pier !

Random building, look nice though

Love their perfume !

dinosaur fountain~~

Waaa, definitely not my car !

hmmm firstly, please don't curse me for uploading to many ocean scene photo :(, they are just so so so the beautiful, love that ! Today, went to a place called "Santa Monica" it's a coastal city located at West Los Angeles, pretty nice place to go relax and lay yourself on the beach. . .

Kicked off from LA, driving all the way to Santa Monica about 40mins to 1 hour drive(of course not i driving lar). Then, visited the 3rd street Promenade. The 3rd street has some little little middle-high-end brand like AX, Zara, ambercrombie and stuff like that.. And damn, didn't get any stuff from my AX store, sob kinda poor d thanksgiving spent too much..

oooooooooo Talking bout Victoria Secret, the perfume is so so the nice, if my gf would to use it, I think i'm so gonna smell her everyday ! lolzzzzzzz

grrrrrrrrrrr omgggg, Beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
(Who would volunteer to be my gf and come this place again? hehehe)

Sweet brother ! (very fierce sometimes.. In fact, most of the time =.= )

M e e e . . . btw, mustache me hehe :)

again, beautiful...

Well then, followed by Santa Monica Bay, beautiful beach.. really wonder if heaven feels like this haha. and wondering when and who would vonlunteer to be my gf(part-time applicable, lol) to go this place again !!! woot.. People go ahead, bring you beloved and have some sunset moments... perrrrrrrrrfect !!!

hair getting really long !!! mustache also growing, shall I try keep some mustache? hehe :)
uhhhh huh kinda tired day, but was, wonderful. . .

Lastly, hmmm is a pig !!! not engzhan ya :P

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Alexis Delon said...

u too skinny to be a pig la haha
sure u gona smell ur gf everyday ar? or other things noob!

Merry Xmas!!! and Happy New Year!!