Monday, July 7, 2008

~Genting Trip~

Beautiful People.

Woot, Macam saja ^.^

Tree man :)

LOL. ( Me & Jack )

Kee Shen Fall In Love @@ Keke

Cheers !

Bombay Sapphire~ Taste really good with Sprite

Camera stand's stand. Swt =.=

Beautiful flowers and of course, The Beautiful People~

Surrounded by the beautiful flowers woot.

My chocolate chip and I :)

Say...... Cheeseeeeee :)

Fazlan & Justin

Climb climb climb~

They are hot~even in Genting.

Bla bla bla~

The money I won :). Woot !!!

Illegal gambling !!!

Me and Leonard.

Say hello~ to Genting.

Hmmm treesssss? lolz.

Cable car~( Kee Shen, Maryanne, Me )

The beginning. ( First photo of the trip )

Genting Genting~ Had lots of fun on the Genting trip baby. There were 3 cars driven up to the cable car station and took the cable car up to the Genting Highlands. Very incredibly smuggled in 13 people into 1 family-suite room lolz. Chris you are the man hahaha.

What usually you people do when you guys are in Genting? We did not go to the team park, only spending time in the room gambling lolz. Guess what, luck shinned on me and won money from everyone of them. Pretty much I've won and thus given me a free Genting trip woot :). Nickie the poor thing lost a lot.

Guess lots of people will do the same thing during the night, will be sitting down at the Starbucks coffee bean getting some cool air and tasting some chilling ice blended drinks. I got a chocolate chip instead, cause I don't really like coffee hehe. Somehow, we found a place where a lot of beautiful flowers, really beauty. Surrounded by them haha.

After that, went back to the room played some 007 and 7up games lolz( don't know have you guys heard of it or not). Then, alcohol will be the punishment lu of losing. Raymond the noob drank the most, noob !!!

Anyway, you guys are great. Keep in touch even though we gonna drift apart in the United States ya. Take care people~

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