Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kampachi !!!

Mr Khang, papa, mama and Mrs Khang.

Ice Kacang dessert~

Beef Teppanyaki...

Lobsters~lobs lobs~

Sushi !!!


Scallops yummieeeeee..

Chicken Teriyaki~

Random saja~


Hmmmmm, something with Salmon. But dunno what the name is. =.=

I'm not a very good japanese food eater, especially sashimi =.= always don't feel good eating that hahaha. I think many of you've heard of Kampachi, it has been acknowledged as the finest japanese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, located at hotel Equatorial.

Although it's not my first time eating japanese food but Kampachi was my first visit on yesterday night. It was very great and the price was very great too because the whole dinner costed more than 1k. It was also my first time eating a dinner that cost above 1k =.=. Really gotta say thank you Mr Khang coming back all the way from Saudi and gave this very fine dinner to my family and me wohoho :). So expensive btw @@

I love the scallops, lobsters, beef and also a soft-shell crab rolls but I missed out on taking photo for that :(. The soft-shell crab rolls were really really niceEEeEeEee. Anyway, noob Nicholas still doesn't know how to eat sashimi =[ lolz.

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