Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good times... :)

They are beautiful :).
( God's children? Anyway look like a football team lolz )

The last gathering of the group of Heart one~ After all, will be seperated woot.

Bye bye Lee Juen :(---Big girls don't cry~

He likes the pork slices :)

He likes hotdogs~~

This guy eating the hotdog is one my favorite too. This is a shabu-buffet restaurant where you can have unlimited freeflo and eat non-stop. Therefore, we were keep calling for the hotdogs. Initially the hotdogs only come in two, after that come in 3 d lolz, I guess the waiter get fedup d. Anyway it's located at Puchong :).

Full of messages and loves :)

Thank you people so much for the farewell cake :). Really mine?!?!?!
Didn't expected at alll !!!!!
This is the problem when we have no enough mics and gotta stand up and shout lolz.



Somehow just look weird =.= good effort though !

Picture of the month :). Just love it :)))

BBQ ontop of bricks !!

Wow, all memories will be kept inside the mind and the heart. The good ones or the bad ones. In order to happy, make the people around you happy!!! Look at the cardboard, pictures, messages and also a CD which recorded our words. You people are just great :). Kinda posting this late, but just wanna wish Lee Juen all the best in her studies at Australia lu :). I love the hotdogs ^.^ and definitely you people :).

On the other hand, wanna shout-out a thank you to you people for the farewell cake. The cake was really nice, yummie~~ Love it, Love you people !!! My pleasure to have you guys as friends :). Peace~

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