Tuesday, May 27, 2008

bored dead gg...

Omg holidays have been over for a month and I slacked the whole month just staying at home without looking for a job yet sitting in front of the computer typing all these shits hahaha. Just finish watching NBA between Boston Celtic and Detroit Pistons. Pistons won by 94 to 75 and right now the aggregate is tied up at 2-2 for Eastern Conference Final. Seldom get to watch NBA cause will be sleeping like a pig lolz. But was pretty interesting and can't wait to watch the Western side between Lakers and Spurs woots. grrrrrr guess I should find a job soon probably today or tomorrow man. Right now I feel how she feels during those long holidays. Really damn bored man ! The exam is getting soon i suppose, don't know the timing but it's definitely today. May God bless you all the best till the end. [ With You ]

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