Saturday, May 31, 2008

Entering working life yo...

Tomorrow gonna start my first day of working after a 1 month of slacking at home haha. Today went to Pyramid briefing by the Sunway group's people and roughly briefed through about the duties. Well, gonna patrol around at the basement, hopefully won't sien la! Ohhhhh so ngam met Mr Wei Jing and David also Ms Lee Juen and Lou Ping at pyramid (kai kai tak ajak!). All were shopping around at the Japanese food fair which have lots of lots of japanese food snacks, chocolates, and sweets. Some sweets taste pretty nice, gonna buy again woot. Hmmmmm recently understood something, hate is just because of the absence of love. So, stop hating... and start loving. Peace :)~

1 comment:

juen said...

hehehe. it's rouh peng laaa XD
nxt time sure ajak gehhh, u oso dak han ajak me larr. hahaha, i leaving in the middle of july dy XD
oh yaa. thurs nite fri nite dun work can ah T_T hahaha
take care ~_~