Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Memorial Redang Trip!

Clear, clean, wonderful climate with beautiful clouds. Love it

Nicholas was here!

My footprints =)

Party, party and party! ( Thank you Marcus for providing the boozy~ )

Nikon versus Pentax. Woot~

Crystal clear~

First time feeding squirrel, so damn cute!

Nothing better to do! But it was fun =)

跳的越高, 友情越好!
The higher we jump, The closer we are! :)

手牵手, 好朋友!
Hands on hands, My true friends! :)

Redang was my very first trip with my inti college mates. Initially, it was kinda strange going with them because a few of them whom i did not know at the beginning but somehow during the trip, bonds were formed. Very grateful having you guys in the trip and was very glad that being invited to the trip. Thank you very much, love you guys :) I miss Redang!

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