Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let's Shoot And Roll !!!

Is me :)

Richard the joker in green =)

Two sexy ladies, bowling~

Everyone is on their spot!

Charl's junior, big big burger.

Mr Kee Shen, best shot of the day ( look at the arrow ^.^ ).

Can anyone see any 4 digits? Let me know please. lolz

It was a great great experience playing with the bow and arrows, and being an archer for a little moment lolz. Richard, bad boy took my place without paying huhhh. Made me like a soh zai being questioned by the staff zzz and ended up gotta share and divided the fees into half. Addition, you are left handed and I'm a right handed damn za dou =.= swt. Didn't participate in the bowling session because I'm running out of cash sob :(. Oh ya it was also a pre-celebration for justin's birthday. Anyway, thank you guys and friends forever!!!

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