Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ayaka's birthday :).

Happy birthday~~

Two little japanese =]. (Mizuki & Ayaka)

My family weeeeeeee :)

This pic supposed to have 2 birthday cakes on the table =.=

With me this time ! Gotcha~

Without me.

Yee Luuuu. She is so so the cuteeeeeeeeee

The young people !( I'm old =.= )

Itatakimas !!!

Woot my house came a japanese girl because my sister did the student exchange thigny from Leo club. Then the girl name Ayaka is the one that we hosting right now. The other one is my sister's friend's japanese exchange girl, Mizuki.

Since my sister and the friend are hosting, they decided to hang out together and so then both the japanese girls know each other just like that. Do you guys think that they are pretty lucky get to meet back their own people in foreign country huh. Although they will be staying at different region back to their country, but knowing a new friend is a fate. Even I feel lucky and happy if could meet own country people in overseas. But Iowa State alot malaysian lar hehehe.

So yay appreacite !!! Ayaka's birthday falls on the 5th of August. Then she gotta celebrate her birthday at Malaysia then :). So, we brought her to a steamboat restaurant at Kota Damansara. Not bad lar that place not to say very very good but not bad :0, prefer shabu at Puchong lolz. Neh, new generations coming up woot all the 17s and 18s years old kids there taking a group photo. I feel so old d man :(. One of the cutest ! Yee Lu~~~ The little girl right up there is so so the cute. Omg she's just so hyper, fun to play with :))). I just love babies keke.

Oh ya, actually that day there was another girl having the same birthday date as well. But diff age lar, Ayaka is 18 and the otehr girl is 17. Not much diff though haha. Hmmm according to birthday tradition ! haha cutting a cake after the dinner lo. There were 2 cakes over there, 1 chocolate and 1 coffe. Pretty tasty.

While on the way home, the japanese girl told us that she was very very happy. She didn't expected we will celebrate with her, and she was just happie !!! We too happy seeing her so happy haha. This word is just so true, "to happy is to make the people around you happy ! ". Endz :)

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