Friday, August 1, 2008

Today's trip woot.

This morning went out with mummy to do eye sight checking. Shortsighted decreased woot ! Previously was -2.25 on the left eye and not gone down to -2.00 cool ya~ Yay !!!

But a little problem with "shan guang" ( I don't know what does that called in english ). Due to the red eye problem and my eyes were very watery. It might be 1 of the reason that caused my "shan guang" to increase. Don't know how if my eyes recovered and the spec has already be done, might need adjustment o.O.
Anyway, gonna have new spec soon !!!

Just came back from 1u and watched The Mummy, wasn't that good as I expected, too fake man lolz. Jet Li was like a magician having lots of magical skills, also can turn into many different kinda of creatures. Hmm not very good to me hehehe. Story line wasn't that bad though, 秦始皇 the strongest emperor ever !!! But very cruel lar :(.

Nitez for now zzz :)

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