Sunday, August 10, 2008

My final night in malaysia !!! :(((

Time passes fast, as so days do. Today will be my final night in my little bedroom that I've been sleeping for 5 to 6 years :(. And tomorrow will be leaving to the States for further studies. Lately been going out with many friends, taking on their lovely faces before I leave hiak hiak :).

With the old folks, went to luna bar for my farewell. Luna bar luna bar, that's the place that I really really wanted so so much to go with a person last year. But FAILED :( ! Ended up going with these people shown below.

5 Damai !!!

Yea, these are the people, the brothers. We study together since high school, we to library and study for our SPM everyday ! But mainly chatting than studying lolz.
We copy answers from each other during exams !
We ponteng together in high school, always yam cha DURING assembly but not before nor after assembly lolz !
We play computer games together, Gunbound, RYL, and also dota. Hanging up till 6am after SPM just sitting in front of computer and playing computer games !
We had also fit all 7 of us into a small little Kancil !

From left:
Wai Seng- A real good guy, fetch me home always :), find me for movie sometimes. Hey,next timemust fetch a gf home ya not me anymore k! When I'm back must see you with a girl !

Tee Yew- Ahhhh when you need english assist, find him ! He was a form 1 pai kia ! Gangsta big bully ! :) Foos addict =.=, control bit and get a life dude !

Ham - uhhh, the tini-est. Msn best friend :), a person that always online like me. The most words that I can find on my msn messages history. All the best to you and Esta ! :).

Adrian- Nyeok ! The on always ajak me ponteng during assembly. The one who has lots of ego last time. Now better :). A guy that when emos can come all the way from puchong to damansara lolz. Take care dude !

Ch'ng tat- Play boy freak ! Been changing gf all the while from high school. And now got owned by yee mun, gg hahaha noob. Dude, appreciate gf k ! take care.

Khen Joon- Tallest, good looking, childish-est ! haha. Can play a little magic, joker amoung all. But hey, matured d lar :), grow grow? hahaha.

Love you people !

My Farewell Ride !!! =.=

Oh this was the people of SD, My dear basketball friends. You guys are now belongs to SD, no longer Zaba larrr :). Yea, this people teman-ed me to watch Olympic ceremony. The first performance from China is really really owesome. I fxxking love the drum performance, is just one of the best ! We had our dinner at at Chili's Bandar Utama, just nice eating with them and laugh around :). That day was very pack everyone is inside watching olympic, we got a table at the end of the shop, ya very end outside somemore swt ! And these faggots locked me up until 2.30am !!! knn =.=

basketball and club again one day k !

Uncle Alexis- Uncle ! You look pretty in long hair man hahaha, bald suits you too :) aerodynamic. Eh, be a man ! don't be a puppet hehe. Good luck on your training.

Georgieee- flirtyyyy~ flirt lesser man always flirt away all the girls that i wanted to flirt too hahaha. Next time share me some okay. But I want younger ones lar, your age 1 I not ngam me man lolz :).

Bobbiee- He loves lady a lot hahaha. Though he has a gf but still spreading his love to other ladies hahaha :). So KIND lolz. Oh ya mah jong pro ! Teach me more next time ya hehe :).

Kim Fei- CONE man wassup ! Next time do it again k? haha is just fun =]. Thank you for always fetching me around dude, for basketball, for lunch, for dinner and the monitor !!! haha

Ken- Hey boy ! This guy really when you need financial help, find him hoho. We have been into classes together even we from diff college ! cool ya:). Yo, don't so emo sometimes ya. Next time put better and sweeter msn nick name :). Take care.

Howard-- A.k.a dai ming ! Hey, so seldom join us i also dunno what to write for you wey lol paiseh paiseh. Oh ya got one, don't be Mr Akon anymore k? Join us more ! :) take care.

Cindrew- Hey girl, know you not long ya haha but thanks for coming on that day though you were late. Give me some phone when you not needed hehe rich girl~ Take care k, all the best in studies :).

Don't have latest photo lar, don't mind if I take this hehe :).

Last but not least, last one goes to people who are beautiful !!! God says that :). Friday night they called me to go CG and celebrate Emily's birthday, but then I already promised friends to have dinner on that night. Sorry ya~ But luckily wednesday did a pre-celebration for her already. So after all feel not that bad lar :). Then, saturday supposingly promised Rouh Peng to go FGA but uncle sunddenly called up for dinner on saturday, and that made me ffk-ed Rouh Peng. I was trying hard to go after the dinner but mum stopped me, she says the final night already why still don't stay home :(. That makes me feel very bad and so I feel bad again to Rouh Peng. I just want to say SORRY ! Rouh Peng sorry also for being rude ya paiseh paiseh :(.

Rouh Peng- Hey, hope I don't spell wrong your name this time haha :). Actually knew you considered quite long but only start activities together when I went to FGA. Like your smile :), always see me then laugh 1 lolz. "zhu rou peng ! "

Emily- Heyyyy girl ! the sweet one. Your papa's restaurant food really nice wey ! Next time you turn to cook for us :). Your birthday is just easy to remember, because is just terbalik from a person hehe. Hope you like the present ya ! and yea you MM !

Weic- Woot this cartoon lolz. The first time I called her and listen to her voice, omg just sound like cartoon, so cute man. Girl did you watch 甜言蜜语 ? You can just go 配音 for cartoon shows lolz. eat more bread ya, bread queen ! hehe.

Wei jing- Wow, tall tall tall !!! I thought i'm tall, how can you taller than me. Thanks for the few times inviting to Puchong and play but I got no transport paiseh lolz. Next time play again k ! And yea your hotdog can stand 1 during steamboat lolz. hahaha

David- Yo, first saw you didn't know you can play drum so well man. I thought you a person can really eat well only lolz. Hey drummer, next time teach me ya. Thank you for all the while being organizer, buying movie tickets, booking for cheong k and others i dunno d lolz. cheer~

Chi Joon- Hey, the naughtiest one lar damn ! Joker, you are the core of happiness lar haha. Sometimes when you keep quite just feel so uncomfortable lolz. Keep it up ya, got chance then dota again ya :).

This one!
Lee Juen- Hey girl, living good in Australia? this one cannot forget man the one that brought me to FGA, introduced me all these people, inviting me every activities, the one that I shall call mama lolz. haha, just take care lar :).

God bless you people ! Beautiful childrens, love you people :).

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