Monday, August 4, 2008

swt gg... =.=

Meeeeee, Mummieeeee :)

Trend, must put a V finger during photograph =.= even japanese woot.



Ah weeee last friday the first outing with the japanese girls. The first few days got no chance to go out with them because I've been driving my youngest sister go to and back from school. Lately became a driver since the japanese girls came =.= lolz. Omg they are just so polite they way they are. Talk so soft, keep saying thank you =.= they will even cover their mouth when they are laughing over something =.= swt. So so the manner.

Eh they have this cute little practice that I didn't know until today. While we entering house slippers and shoes the head will simply just facing into the house. For them, they will turn around and by then the slippers and shoes will facing outward. So so the convenient when they coming out from the house, but inconvenient going into the house lar :) lolz.

Seventh Heaven. Haagen Dazssssss !

Oh then after having lunch with japanese girls at MV, meeting up Rouh Peng and Emily for the church event at night. Two little girl said wanna eat something with me and mana tau both of them fasting for the lovely Jesus woot. So ended with the very very delicious Haagan Dazs ! Chun :). Because ice cream can be liquefied lolz.

Now then at night, Nicholas raised up his hand? Nicholas's hand was shaking =.= har har and even cried gg ! A lot of flash back memories that really hmmmm... Fall so deep, give commit, yet sometimes you get a shit.

Well, "Yesterday is history, Today is a gift". Perhaps really need a change, Cheer :). I'm ready for Uited States !!! Shall now start packing d is very close woot.

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