Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Work work...

Sweets sweets


Chicken biscuit!

Wow first of all, I have a healthy life! lol. Previously was stuck all the way till late night 3 4 o'clock only can sleep but nowadays working it helps me in sleeping because is realll tired woot. Well, basically working as a surveyer, my duty is hangging out around the basement 1 (B1) and giving out free parking tickets with the exchange of completed survey forms. The survey will last until 15th of june, so people if going to pyramid remember to park your car at basement 1(B1) wo and get free parking ticket from me ^.^ lolz. Hmmm on top are some snacks from the japanese food fair sia. There's only 5 items and costed me about RM50 knn so expensive =.= damn!

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