Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ee Phie's birthday

Group pic~

Meeeeee :)

Wa ghost. lolz

She loves this cake a lot hahaha.

Han Lim and I.

Hui Yi, Yu Jun


Birthday banana cake ! Nice lighting :)

Peeking? Naughty !


Strike ! lolz.

Hui Yi Hui Yi~

Relax sia

Kee Shen.

Birthday girl and I.

So cute :)


Ee Phie.

Richard starting up the fire~

Ee phie's birthday and farewell party ! She was very smart to call Richard and I go early and we thought party started or something but actually asked us to go there and help out on preparing food! Kena con hahaha :).Did not expected she even invites the advisors to come woot, cool.You guys were bad lar to stuck the whole cake into her face, so cruel BUT fun haha.

There were people pouring water and sparkling juice everywhere, crazy shits so damn sticky wei =.=. Kee Shen the poor thing was like shouting DO NOT pour on me as he was holding his precious camera, mana tau still kena sad sia but luckily the camera was fine.

Anyway happy birthday to Ee Phie, the party was fun ! I love it, I love you guys :) peace~

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