Saturday, June 7, 2008

What a day =.=

What an experience pushing a Kelisa on the road man hahaha. Today went to FGA church for the A4J event because was invited to it. Not only today but also yesterday i went for the event and was pretty impressing as well. After all, I was supposed to fetch a friend home but before that we went to Kuchai Lama for our dinner right after the event. As we heading to it, who knows there was a road block and I was "luckily" being stopped by the police for nothing swt. Police men were suspecting my friend and I are some drugs carrier or something, checking out our pockets and also every corner inside the car even the car boot. Of course, they found nothing because i'm a good man lolz.

Well, once is not enough, hak zai day occured again on today. A friend of mine was sending me home after the A4J yet something bad happened again swt. The little Kelisa car broke down, battery dies off. A very friendly and kind Malay man was trying to help recharging the battery but failed to do so, and ending up gotta push the car back to my house gg. The malay guy was so helpful and very skillful as well haha, anyway really gotta thank him alot lot. Do you guys know where is Riana green? We were pushing from Riana green down the slope all the way to Sunway Damansara but it was pretty fun though hahaha. Pity my friend la, he was actually catching a movie at 12 but ending up balik rumah woot.

Ahhhh tomorrow working again, wednesday was really very quiet at the shopping mall only hitting the target of 60, tomorrow gotta hit 80!!! Woot. Hmmm anyway, thank you the bros and sis for the invitation for the event and perhaps reAlly god's bless the car broke down near my house and not far away from it, other wise really gg lolz.

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