Thursday, June 12, 2008

sick sick...

Kinda having a bad sore throat, fall sick again haizz. Well, sometimes will like the feeling of sore throat because it makes my voice become really sexy hahaha. For people who believes in chinese medicine will always say do not eat "heaty" stuff when you have sore throat but I went to eat KFC today during break lolz. Hope it won't become worse la because still got 2 more days to go. pray pray~

Wednesday damn bored sia, shopping mall so damn the quiet only able to survey 40 people for today, couldn't hit the target of 60 and my bonus flew away d. Moreover, Nickie couldn't hit 20 people over the half of the day. Ending up helping him to complete and finally reached 40. Pity Sanjay at end of the day only have 13. Hmmm usually people met friends in a big crowd whereby the possibility is higher but instead, I saw 3 friends ( Iggy, Ang, Mariam ) on this quiet day woot. Pretty surprising..

After all, followed Johann to his NS gathering at One Utama and got to know some new friends. The purpose of the gathering is to meet up one of the friend came back from Austrilia. Appearing at the gathering brought me fortune to get a souvenir from that guy haha. Got lucky~

The work will come to an end on this sunday, waiting for the day to get my salary man hohoho... Peace :)

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