Saturday, June 21, 2008

Uni uni uni...

Wow getting closer and closer to leave~ Today went to clinic to find doctor for filling up the health forms as it required from ISU. After checking through everything notice that the injection for Meningitis is missing. According to doctor, Meningitis is a bacterial illness that can cause serious brain infection. Therefore, doctor given me an injection on the spot ( the name for the disease damn stupid).

After that, went to a photo shop to take a photo for Visa application. I wore a white shirt but mana tau the background for Visa photo is white, and i gotta put on a coat from them. Woot looks kinda cool hahaha :). Makes me looking forward to Inti ball lolz.

Dated to collect our checks for the surveying job on today 2pm and catching a movie( Incredible Hulk ) after that at 2.30pm. Somehow, something gone wrong lolz. Friends weren't in time to make it at 2pm, so ending up watched movie only collect the check. Hulk wasn't a bad movie, quite nice for me :). Like those parts where hulk always have the ex-extraordinary power whenever he wants to protect his loved one.

Love is powerful :).

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