Sunday, June 29, 2008

Futsal + Steamboat~~


Weic and Lee Juen.

He's shinning lolz. (Li Ren and Ken)

Gay? lolz

Happy Birthday Hui Yun :)

Ken~Wei Jing~Me

The papa mama woot.

3 little cute ladies~(Weic, Grace, Emily)

Ken, Kar Seng, Nic, Jin Ling, Hui Yun, Jing Pei


I always get my eyes spinning when looking at this @@

Cute :)

All breads are mine! hoho

Slaves =.= ( Johann, Lih Yeh, Me, Cassie)

Do~RE~Mi lolz. (Wei Jing, Nicholas, Johann)

Italy !!!


Italy !!! Today had a futsal competition at Kuchai Lama futsal court. Many many many people attended from the FGA church members. Imagine if there are 6 people in a team, and there were about 20 teams. Woot gg. I was in the team Italy lolz( that's why we were in blue), but anyway we had lost the round-robin matches, couldn't go into the quater final :(.

After all, the competition ends around 4 something in the afternoon. People from cellgroup~heart-one went Summer steamboat-buffet for dinner at Sunway. I've never been to the Summer steamboat buffet and I only know Yuen's but the food was surprisingly good :). Additon, Chi Joon the man could afford 3 plates of lamb meats shen~like a vacuum machine lolz.

Moreover, it was also a pre-celebration for Hui Yun, Happy birthday :). The day was great, and must thank to the people who were there. Appreciated, Never Forget, Love You People !!!
God Bless Peace~

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