Thursday, June 19, 2008

Survey Survey Survey~

Wa so gold.

Nicholas ! :)

Iver- Innocent lolz.

Stupid Sanjay's work. ( read tamil newspaper, but watch and listen to chinese stations swt=.= )

Tickets !!! hahaha. ( Me and Sanjay )

Lan busy lolz. ( Nickie )

Macam boss saja @@. ( Iver, Kenny, Johann )

After a tough 3 weeks, the survey job finally over. Sanjay the notti boy ! Look at the form from him, a guy race is chinese, but don't know why he tick the answer of Tamil and Malay newspaper. Must be him curi curi filling for that person and forgotten he is a chinese man lar swt lolz. Hmmm job over but i still havent get paid yet sob, probably another 3 4 days haiz.

After the work done and I was called to tabulate the survey forms from Sunway and the working hours will be from 9-6. So damn early, my sleeping time no more d :(. Previously, I thought the more I do will get better impression from the Sunway group but who knows now I am the one doing the tabulating job. So, now I am like kena back my ownself tabulating the forms and it is so damn damn the many =.=. Don't hit target better lolz.

However, it was a pretty good experience to learn to approaching people hahaha. Of course, the main point is I have the opportunity to appraoch leng lui lar :). Hope I've picked up some communicating skill hehe and, I miss the moments and also the people who were working with me, love you people. Peace :)

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